7 Traits Athletes & Entrepreneurs Have In Common

“I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come.”… Michael Jordan

What do top performing athletes and successful entrepreneurs have in common? Besides that fact that most are admired and followed; each has a vision for themselves, and a vision for success. Both fueled by hard work and dedication.  There are many traits that link these professions together. At first thought, you would not think these two have anything in common. But this is far from the truth. Here are just a few traits I have found to be true.

1. The willingness to make huge sacrifices for no guaranteed reward.

2. Putting in years of hard work, preparation and meticulous planning.

3. Incredible faith in themselves and their passion.

4. Intense focus and aim on their goals.

5. High levels of motivation and commitment.

6. The ability to rebound quickly from failure.

7. An intense love of what they do.

There is no doubt that there are strong characteristics and similarities to both professions. Both embody traits of; determination, focus, drive, discipline and talent. In both the athlete and entrepreneur, their determination to never give up, keep striving to be the best and obtain the goal, and at times face adversity and stand out from the crowd. All of these traits form and shape the strong character of a successful person.



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